Homeowner Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I paint my vinyl windows?
We do not suggest painting your vinyl window prodcuts as this will void your warranty.
  • Can I apply a window tint to my products?
We do not suggest adding a tint to your window glass as this will void your warranty.
  • What do you recommend to clean the glass?
Use a pre-mixed vinegar-based cleaning solution (or make your own with one part vinegar to ten parts water), and apply to a soft, clean, lint-free microfiber cloth or paper towel.  You may also use an ammonia-free glass cleaner such as Windex (clear liquid) or Sparkle (purple liquid).  Do not use glass cleaners that are ammonia or alcohol based.  They may leave streaks or produce a film that attracts moisture or dust.
  • What do you recommend for cleaning my vinyl windows?
You may wash the window frame and sash with a mixture of mild dish soap and water.  Do not use abrasive our caustic solvents as they may damage the vinyl.
  • Where do I find my window's serial number?
Our products generally aren't identified by a serial number.  All job information relates to a work order (WO) or a sales order (SO).  These numbers can be found on the label affixed to the frame of the unit at the top of the window.  Each label includes the SO, WO, window type and the line item number of the original sales order.  Typically, with a SO, Minnkota Windows can determine all sizes and parts related to the individual window.
  • I scuffed the woodgrain interior on my windows, can this be fixed?
Minor scratches or scuffs can normally be covered up with the use of a touch-up paint pen.  Contact the dealer from whom the windows were purchased to obtain a touch-up pen.
  • My lawn mower shot a rock through my glass, what can I do?
All Minnkota Windows purchased after May 29, 2012 have an Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty.  The scope of this warranty allows the original purchaser to obtain replacement insulated glass (IG) unit at no charge.  Freight and installation are not covered under this warranty.  Contact the dealer from whom the windows were originally purchased and supply them with the Sales Order Number and Line Item Number from the label in the upper frame of your window to get a replacement IG.

The Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty does not cover glass damage that is the result of acts of God or misuse.
  • Can I get a window quote from Minnkota Windows?
Minnkota Windows offers our products exclusively through our dealer network.  You can contact us directly with product questions but quotes/orders must be placed through a Minnkota Windows dealer.  You can find the dealer nearest you by visiting our dealer locator here.