7500 Sliding Patio Door

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7500 Sliding Patio Door
PH Tech 7500

Minnkota Windows 7500 Sliding Patio Door: Unprecedented Energy Efficiency

The quietest, most thermally efficient door available on the market today.
Minnkota Windows 7500 Sliding Patio Door


- Performance that mees the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and meets the latest energy standards
- Design that allows for optional 1" oa. thick triple-glazed insulated glass units, with or without Blinds Between the Glass
- Efficient division between the glass and steel reinforcement, reducing significantly the risks of condensation


This patio door series is available in 2-panel and 3-panel configurations with a wide range of energy-smart glazing options and decorative grilles.



These doors slide open smoothly and quietly thanks to: patented dual-tandem nylon wheels, a raised rail to protect the wheels from dirt and debris and perfectly straight adjusted parts to minimize friction and make for smoother operation


Our multichamber design reduces thermal exchange and, with more enclosed air space than other brands, increases insulation values - without the addition of costly insulating material.
Minnkota Windows 7500 Sliding Patio Door Cutaway


Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from outside almost impossible. Lower sill design provides safer entry and exit.

Minnkota Windows 7500 Patio Door Sill


A mutlipoint locking system provides optimum resistance and security to forced entry.

Minnkota Windows 7500 Sliding Patio Door Multipoint Locking System


The Silensia screen has independent suspension on all four corners.  This means the screen will operate effortlessly as long as you own your home.  The heavy weatherstrip at the interlock keeps air and critters out and is available with Pet Screen.  A continous handle on the exterior makes for easy operation for all.



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Create an open, naturally lit environment no matter the climate.  This door is designed to maximize the glass-to-wall ratio while offering superior durability.  1" oa. dual and triple pane insulated glass options.

  Dual Pane
LoE 180
Dual Pane
LoE 272
Dual Pane
LoE 366
Triple Pane
LoE 272
Triple Pane
Double LoE 272
U-Factor 0.30    0.30 0.29 0.26 0.22
SHGC 0.47 0.30 0.20 0.28 0.26
VT 0.57 0.52 0.47 0.48 0.42


Frame PH Tech 7500
Frame Size 4-9/16
Exterior Colors Almond, Black, Brick Red, Bronze, Brown, Clay, Dakota Sand, Forest Green, Gray, Mocha, White
Interior Colors Almond, Black, Clay, Dark Woodgrain, Heartwood, Irish Oak, Maple, White
Grille Colors All interior and exterior colors available and brass
Grille Type Flat, Contour, Slimline
Grille Pattern Colonial, Prairie, Farmhouse, Suspended
Brickmold Standard, Retro, Wide
Glass Strength Tempered
Glazing Exterior
Glazing Type blink BLINDS + GLASS w/ LoE 272, Dual LoE 180/Argon, Dual LoE 272/Argon, Dual LoE 366/Argon, Insulated Clear
IG Thickness 1
Angle of Deflection n/a
Spacer Endur
Interior Returns Integrated drywall return, jamb can be ripped down to 1/2
Extension Jamb Loose Almond (8"), Black (8") Clay (8"), Dark Woodgrain (8"), Heartwood (8"), Irish Oak (8"), Maple (8"), White (4", 8")
Extension Jam Applied N/A
Maximum Frame Width 94.5
Minimum Frame Width 31.5
Maximum Frame Height 96
Minimum Frame Height 23 5/8
Grant Urquhart

My mother is 88 years old and never had her windows open before now she never closes them. They are so easy to operate for her and she loves having the fresh air in the house for the first time in years.

Terry D.

Installed new windows last year and noticed a remarkable savings in the coldest winter months in our energy bills. The windows and new siding saved us over $100 a month. It's easier to control the climate in our home and we notice much less heat loss through the windows than previous winters.

Shandi B.

From just replacing our windows on the North side of the house has made a huge difference in my heating bill. This summer we are going to be replacing the south side as we do new siding. Thank you for a great product!

Betty Ann Bullis

Would highly recommend to others!

Randy S.

I've only had my windows for about a month, but I really like them. I really like their appearance, and their maintenance-free features. They are also so clear, and you can't really tell that there is a screen in place.

Carol & David Lang

Love our windows. Haven't had good windows in any place I've lived for 30 years! Wish the rest were done. They are so easy to clean!

Jeff K.

I have been looking for replacement windows for our stucco home.  These were great to install and look awesome! <img alt="smiley" height="23" src="http://www.minnkotawindows.com/webassist/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/regular_smile.png" title="smiley" width="23" />

Tim & Beverly H

Well satisfied with these windows as far as sealing up and cleaning & look very nice. Keep up the good work and quality.

Norm R.

I am a past customer and loved my last whole-house installation. There was no question where I'd go this time. Fantastic, as always.

Danielle E.

I love my beautiful windows!! I don't even want to hang up the curtains to cover them up.

Betty G.

Loved how I could design my own window & get just what I wanted! Very good quality.

Steve & Charlotte M.

We finished our new home construction 3 years ago which included your triple pane windows throughout the house. We are extremely satisfied with them and they have contributed to our very low utility bills. We cook, heat domestic hot water and heat a 3500 sq ft house in southeast Iowa with approximately 400 gallons of LP per year. These triple pane windows reduce the outside noise level to minimum levels also. Thanks for the high quality product.

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