Minnkota Windows Customer Service

Minnkota Windows Values, Mission & Vision

Minnkota Windows Customer Service

Our Values

Safety: 24/7 awareness
Integrity: We mean what we say and say what we mean
Humility: We don't define our success by what we do, but by what our customers do
Focus: All we do is windows.  We know what we're good at, and we stick to it
Knowledge: We bring expertise to every project that can only come with decades of time-in-trade
Confidence: We know windows.  We're not arrogant - we instill confidence because we have expertise and experience
Commitment: Everyone steps up


Mission Statement

The mission of Minnkota Windows is to be an industry leader in quality manufactured vinyl window products for profit.  Minnkota Windows will adhere to a culture of building leadership, continuous improvement and will always be accountable and respectful to its employees, customers, suppliers and owners by providing solutions and building trust.



Minnkota Windows understands our customers and provides the best products, services and solutions to make you look good.

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