Common Misconceptions of Vinyl Windows

In the market for some new windows? If so, you have probably heard about vinyl windows.

In the market for some new windows? If so, you have probably heard about vinyl windows. At Minnkota Windows, we think it’s important to have all the facts before investing in new windows for your home. Vinyl windows are a very popular option for many homeowners but sometimes they get a bad rap. There are many common misconceptions floating around vinyl windows. 

Here is the truth about some of the most common misconceptions we hear about vinyl windows.
Misconception: Vinyl windows limit your design choices
When vinyl windows first came to the market, they were only available in white. As vinyl windows continued to rise in popularity, more colors and styles were introduced to accompany many different styles of homes. They are now available in just about any color and style you can imagine. 

Many people also think that because you do not paint vinyl windows, there is no variety. No paint does not equal no design options. There is no need to paint vinyl because your choice of pigment is added during the formulation process. We actually suggest not painting your vinyl window products as this will void your warranty. With no paint, you won't experience any surface coating issues like chipping or scratching for vinyl frames.

Vinyl windows can also be customized to fit atypical designs. This is especially helpful if your home has oversized or projection windows. Finding a style that suits your needs is easier than ever with vinyl windows.

Misconception: Vinyl windows are not environmentally friendly 
Yes, vinyl is a type of plastic. That being said, vinyl windows and other vinyl products are recyclable. Any vinyl product is eco-friendly because of its composition of abundant and renewable resources. Vinyl is durable, an affordable cost and most importantly, environmentally friendly. 

Misconception: Vinyl windows are not durable 
Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Vinyl windows are a very affordable alternative to windows made from traditional materials like wood or aluminum. However, many people assume affordable means cheap and poor quality. Believe it or not, vinyl windows can last you up to 40 years. Vinyl windows were produced with the intention of providing consumers with a more cost-effective window option. 

Misconception: Vinyl windows won’t save you any money
Heating and cooling is the largest expense for most buildings.At Minnkota Windows, our vinyl windows meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star® performance standards. Which means, these windows keep heated and cooled air inside your home. 

There are many ways installing vinyl windows in your home will save you money, here are just some: 

  • Low maintenance. Vinyl windows are a relief for many homeowners from constant upkeep that previous window materials required. 
  • Last up to 40 years. A longer lifespan reduces costs associated with buying replacement windows.
  • Energy efficient. High quality windows and doors play a significant role in reducing energy bills. This can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in annual energy expenses.

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Minnkota Windows takes pride in partnering with the top leaders to provide the best products to our customers. That means energy efficiency, durability and ease of use for years to come. Making your purchase a sound investment. Your family will be comfortable while enjoying lower heating and cooling costs.

Ready to get started and upgrade windows to vinyl? Contact our team at Minnkota Windows to learn more. 

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