Blinds Between the Glass are now available in select Minnkota Windows styles.

Effective immediately, Minnkota Windows™ will offer Blinds Between Glass (BBG) within a sealed glass unit for many Casements, Picture Windows and a wider variety of Sliding Patio Doors.

  • Safety for Children and Pets
  • Control of Privacy, light and heat from the sun
  • Easy Operation
  • No Dusting
  • A clean, efficient look
  • No need for bulky window treatments All BBG units are clear glass (no LoE²-272 or Argon) Reliability
  • Blinds go through a series of reliability tests, including 10,000 raise and lower cycles
  • Over 5 million shipped • Designed for wider IG requirements of sliding patio doors
  • Advanced internal mechanisms assure reliability • Force-to-lift ratio designed for easy operation Size limitations apply based on window size. See dealer for details.

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